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Finally Scott’s

Sometimes you sit down to blog and you just stare at the screen…it isn’t that I can’t think of what to blog about….I just can’t seem to put it together…

I hope I can pull this one off….:)

Today I am doing a local radio interview with Martine Louise Resnick and Lee Anne Culpepper.  It is on Radio Sandy Springs, and the show is called Design Tips with…

ADAC and Ainsworth and Noah

I have been going to ADAC a lot lately, the best place to go when gathering fabric selections for upcoming jobs.  Of course there is so much more there than…

The basement project….revealed

I wish I could say I worked long and hard editing these pictures but the truth is….I did not.  I also wish I had spent more time taking them…..but I…

I am visiting…..

Yep….you can find me over at Shelli’s place today a’la mode.  You know her…the has that awesome office that everyone went ga ga over.  I have a few projects to…

Putting a project together.

I think I have mentioned before that my husband is a commercial airline pilot.  His route is mostly Asia [Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo].  He commutes from Chicago, so the beginning…