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A day late….


Aug 25, 2011
Yeah…this should have been done yesterday.  I tried, I really did.  It was one of those days that seemed to go a little more backward instead of forward.  Can’t really blame it on anything in particular, just me not using my brain very well.  Whoa…that’s a first….call the new stations.

I did a guest post not long ago about some fabrics that I put together for a bedroom update.  It is almost finished, so I thought I would share just a few tight shots…..not really ready for a full reveal yet.
Here is are the fabrics for inspiration.   
Here is the bedroom before
The bed is staying.  It is pretty big and bulky.  We did change out the end tables, lamps, rug, bedding and curtains so far.  The bed may eventually be changed but I suggested to wait until the end.
I bought pretty ready made lined linen curtains,  2 panels and had them sewn together, then added the greek trim.  Got the frames at West Elm and added the egg pictures.
Love these tie backs from Restoration Hardware.
I want these somewhere.
New end table on one side.
 Cream linen skirted table on the other.
New Pillows…..
Trim detail on the shams.
New artwork.

That’s it for now….still to go: new chair, lamp and a few accessories.

One to more important things.  I have a friend who has the Bobo Chicken coop basket coffee table.

This is her den and this is the coffee table.  If you live in Atlanta and can come get it, she is selling it for $650.00.  It retails for $900.00.  Bungalow Classic has it for $800.00 I think.  Just let me know.  I am just a regular Craigslist here.

In other news today, I have a giveaway coming up and I am going to the beach next Thursday if anyone else is going to be there.

It’s Thursday people…you can make it one more day…..