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A few ideas to twirl around…..


Jul 29, 2011
I have to say thank you to all of your wonderful comments about my anniversary post.  18 years sounds so weak compared to my parents who were married 45 years…whoa.  But hey…one day at a time…I am 2 days into the 19th year!  9,853 days left.

This post is going to be a little “Sherry” style, all over the place.  This is how my brain works.  First up are something I saw on Cottage and Vine.  Rene ordered some business cards that I loved, so I had to “get me some”!!
I went to pixelimpress on etsy to see what was there and fell in love with these…..
Of course my signature color…blue…you love?  Pam did a wonderful job and they came so quick.
The next thing to talk about are these funny cards that I saw at the mart.
I know you have seen them but I actually laughed out loud to the amazement of a few people standing around.  They might have been happier if I had bought some 🙂
My personal favorite!
funny ha ha
Don’t you love it!
and the last one….
I guess I will be quoting this next year…..rats.
OK…the next few pictures are from the mart.  Just random images that looked easy to do and just may give someone a small amount of inspiration!
OK…you could do this.  Get some old wood…and old sconce.  Do a rust treatment and mount it.  Send me a picture if you do!
Use a drop cloth.  Wash it and leave it wrinkled.  Make a lamp shade.
Got a sconce…..add some candles and a sea fan.  Easy peasy as they say in blogland!
Get some paint cans from Home Depot.  Spray paint shiny white.  Drizzle some color on it and use for a vase!!!
With the left over drop cloth from the lamp shade, make a pillow and stencil on the greek key.
Go to Goodwill and get old clothes…..or look in your own closet….take those jeans that you are NEVER gonna fit into again…and start cutting them up…make balls to go in a wire basket for some color!!!
Cute table scape….So go on people…get busy.
Last thing.  Many people emailed me about this fabric from a pillow on the last Scott’s post.
Here it is….
Let me know if you want some.  Warning: it probably won’t be cheap.
Whew…I think I stayed pretty organized seeing how much I had to say today. 
Have the best weekend ever.  I am hoping to catch up on my blog reading the next few days.  All of these great comments that I have been getting so I owe you all!!!