• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021



Dec 10, 2019

I hope everyone went out and bought a sequin skirt…..you need a little sparkle in your life:)

If anything…. you saw different ways to put it together!  Just so you know….I have tried it on with a denim jacket and that works also…..

So how was everyones weekend?  I am sad to report my wreath is still sitting on my front porch waiting to be hung.  Darn…..I had every intention of getting it up.

On the other hand I did check on 2 projects [Friar Tuck and Madison] that I’m working on and I will have updates for you maybe on Friday. 

Yesterday I had an art install….12 pieces of art got hung.  Art and accessories  will always pull a room together…..tip of the day:)

I almost forgot to show you the small bathroom update that went along with the bedroom I posted about last week.

Again I did not get any good before shots but you can definitely tell that with the few small changes it looks so much better!


The first thing was picking a color to have the vanity painted [it was showing a lot of wear] and I know you can guess that I decided to go dark.  I’m so predictable.  I love the countertop so I played off that!

And of course the floor was neutral…..so I chose SW Black Fox

So much better huh?

Then I picked a very subtle wallpaper from Schumacher.

Since the countertop is kind of a focal point I did not want anything to compete with it.  Only one “star” in the room!

Alright let’s just zhush it a little…..

Hi there!

Some pretty things in a nice textured basket!

A pretty orchid and hand towel….

And a flat weave rug.

Towels from West Elm.  They are just for looks as they were thin as a Kleenex:)

….all better now.

16 short days until Christmas…shocking!
I have 2 Christmas parties…..My sister is having one because she is so excited about her new LR, DR, and office that I  completed for the spring ORC!  I love that:)

Hope you all can take a moment in the next 2 weeks to be grateful for all that you have….if you are struggling with life….this is what I try to do….think of someone who has it worse that you.  For instance when I see a homeless person….that always sparks a huge dose of gratitude…..to quit worrying about what I don’t have.

I’ll be back on Friday with some project updates!