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A little giveaway….just for fun!


Jun 26, 2011
Hola amigos!  I have been trying to do a post since Friday and every time I would sit down to do it I would start reading emails and then visiting a couple of blogs and BAM…..my window of time was used up and no post!  I know I am not alone in this situation 🙂

I worked feverishly on getting mi casa put back together this week.  My brother and his family [3 kids] are coming up from Hilton Head today to send my niece on a mission trip to Africa.  So I was a little under the gun to get it done.  I have to tell you it took me all week and there were times when I was just so overwhelmed with it all.  Trying to figure out what was staying and what was going to the basement exhausted my mind.  As I was storing things, I was disgusted with myself a few times….stop the madness.  Until I sell some things on craigslist, NO MORE SHOPPING.  Period.  I mean it.  Please help me.
So I decided to give a few things away.  Why not, I have a surplus it seems.  AND…since I have a crazy amount of fabrics it just seems fitting that I share.
Here we go.
Lets break it down…..
This is a beautiful old Schumacher pattern.  2 yards.  I am sure it is discontinued.
Here is a black and white ticking and a Robert Allen fabric we are all familiar with called “Cat’s in the cradle”.  When there is a lot of bold color in a fabric, I like to add some black and white to calm it down instead of say the red in the fabric.  One yard each.
This cute little white vase.
A little vintage brass container.
2 chinese calligraphy brushes.
AND….these 4 prints!
So there you have it!  Intrigued?  Well…here are a few ideas for you.  I love these colors for a sunroom.
So paint the walls white……
I can see the floral pillows on this grouping.
Or a black and white ticking sofa on these floors with the floral for the pillows and the green down the leading edge of  some white curtains.
This is Kim’s sunroom from Savvy Southern Style.  I love the colors….of red and yellow and green.  Very similar to the fabrics in the giveaway.  I love Kim’s home…it is a true example of “Southern Style”. Very warm and welcoming.  And that girl is ALWAYS painting something!
There you have it.  Ideas.  Don’t say I didn’t help you out 🙂
Hokay…if you want this stuff…..the rule is to follow my blog…..  and then take a bag of your stuff to the Goodwill.  Cause you have to get rid of something before you can have new.  That’s the rule now.
Pictures next week of some finished projects around my place.  Yes you read that right…I finished something. Whoop de do.
Oh yeah…one more thing.  I have gotten a little behind in responding to my comments.  Um, a lot behind.  Sorry about that.  I love that you take the time to do it.  Seriously all of you are insanely cool!