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Mar 2, 2011
I treated myself to a little birthday gift by having a blog makeover.  Shari from Little Blue Deer whipped up this little number for me and I am clicking my heels together.  She read my mind [long distance by the way] and mine is hard to read.  Not a “Charlie Sheen” mind, but still a sketchy at times 🙂

I am pleased to tell you guys about a Non Profit organization that I was asked to participate in.  It is called Room Service  and was put together by Dayka of Life and Style and Erica of Blu Label Bungalow
“One shelter at a time…we’re sharing our talents to help create comfortable, relaxing, and inspiring interiors for homeless families as they work to get back on their feet”
                                                                                Dayka Robinson and Erica Ward
                                                                                co-founders of Room Service Atlanta
Monday, we went to Nicholas House to look at the shelter and preview the space.  There are 12 rooms and a common area.  
Each designer picked a room to makeover.  It was a very humbling experience.  These families have all of their possessions in a room about 12 by 12 [some smaller and a few larger].  They are allowed to live there up to 2 years and Nicholas House spends the time educating, and preparing them to be out and self sufficient after that.  Kids go to school and parents work.
Here is the room I chose.  It is actually empty, but they are interviewing a family for it right now.  This room will be home to a family of 8…….pause…..think about that for a moment.
Mine also has a bathroom.
So as you can see I have a lot of work ahead.  I plan on asking all of my friends to “pony” up with some labor or cash…which ever they prefer.  Because it takes a village as you know 🙂
I am a little overwhelmed but I know once I get my plan together I will be like a dog chasing a squirrel.  I know one girl I am going to put on it…Angie and her amazing CL skills.  I need a new queen mattress…a desk, chair, bathroom vanity….the list goes one.  This project has to be completed in April!
So…let the games begin:)

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