• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

A spring giveaway…


Apr 15, 2011
A huge thanks to everyone for your comments about my back problem.  It is about 40% better.  I did have that “deep tissue” massage.  Whoa.  I have never had one quite THAT deep……..there were times when I thought I was going to wrestle her to the floor.  I was squirming like a soapy baby in the bath tub. You know how when you stump your toe really hard and your first reaction is to hit something right back…..kind of like that only I wanted to bend her fingers back really hard so she would ease the crap up.

She. Hurt. Me.  I have bruises where she dug into my muscles so hard I was sweating.  It definitely took my mind off the pain while I was in there 🙂
Is it OK to just say a blanket THANKS for comments on the last few post?  I am trying to reply but my computer time is seriously limited due to pain when sitting.  That is why I need an IPAD don’t cha think?  I can at least lie down to answer emails:)
Oh…and one more thing….if my husband gives me one more suggestion on how I need to get up this way or stretch that way you are going to hear about me on the nightly news.  AND it won’t be for anything design related either if you get my drift.  Yes…I am rather crabby lately.  pain will do that to you.
On to the giveaway…..here are the pretties.
3 yards of this beautiful linen fabric.
close up view.
An awesome book to go with….
A couple of great prints for the wall….
A pretty pink calligraphy brush!
A vintage real brass container….cute huh?
I love the shape of it.
And a sparkly little pillow.
One more shot of the prints and brush…
And there you have it!
But wait…there is more!  I sound like Oprah…….
A $50.00 gift certificate at Art.com!
I know you have been there before.  They pretty much have everything, including, taking your photo’s to art, black and white photography, and vintage botanicals similar to the ones above.
It is a wonderful place to go for already framed art at an affordable price.
This is making me happy so my pain…your gain 🙂
Just become a follower……and do one random act of kindness.  That’s it…your in!  I would like to say I will pick a winner next week on Thursday….let’s hope I can make that deadline as I am not very reliable with regular post.  This will give me a goal.
TGIF!  Go to happy hour somewhere and have some fun!