• Mon. Jul 19th, 2021



Dec 15, 2020

I gotta tell ya…..I feel sorry for people who don’t blog….or have the kind of support you guys have given me through this incredibly hard time.

I am grateful for every uplifting comment and you may think they are just words but they are so meaningful to me.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you……

You are in for a treat today….I have pictures of my friend Pam Sessions retreat and let me just say it’s incredible!

I was there 2 years ago but really couldn’t post many pictures because it was going to be photographed.  It was featured in Milieu magazine this year.

But….now I can go crazy here slinging pictures all over this post and be prepared to gasp….because that is what I did when I saw every inch of this space!

Starting with this incredible kitchen!

This scene below!

I told ya….
Things I love….the green cabinets, subway tile on all the walls, the graphic backsplash, the floors, the green chairs, the large dining table….maybe I should have just said…..“things I don’t like”…..NOTHING!

Powder room…..

I just had a brilliant idea….I might save the rest of them because I realize that I don’t have much to share the next few weeks:)  How evil of me…..she says with a deep laugh.

As a 68 year old woman who has lived a long and full life….. I realize now I have never met a more toxic individual and the fact I hung around [30 years ugh] just proves how good he really was….

Not looking back is hard.  

Anyway enough of him…..it’s nearly Christmas….we have a vaccine so things are definitely looking up!  Almost time to start wearing lipstick again:)

Had a blast at the farm in Madison.  Decorated my first tree in forever and it was easier than I remember!  They have 2 dogs so we all went for a long walk and Cami had so much fun…..especially rolling in pig doo doo.  Yeah…..little bugger.