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A winner….


Aug 14, 2011
So that gangster Bri won the giveaway…she actually threatened me in her comment…so I started locking my doors, thinking she might make the drive from Nashville just for that orange pillow.  If you have not been to her blog Me you and a wiener …..well I am not sure what to say about that.  DO NOT have coffee in your mouth when you are reading it.  Maybe it is my sick humor but I so get that girl.  

 Scott’s was pretty incredible this month.  Sometimes I can spend $50-75….. be happy and skip home, clutching my little treasures to my bosom.
No so this month.  Crazy things to be had……I could have spent the mortgage money, but then all those points I got on our anniversary at the Ritz would be gone, and I would be back in the doghouse so to speak.
I am going to tell you about this little number. It was owned by  Francis Elkins [1888-1953], a legendary designer of the 20th century who lived in the posh golf resort of Pebble Beach.  This light came out of her house, it was hanging over her DR table.
Now the reason I am telling you this is not for the historical value, although it was very interesting talking to this guy about her,  BUT do you see in the picture above how it is just hanging on that little S hook????  Really?
Well that thing was $7000.00.  Uh huh.  I do not think he realized how clumsy people could be.  I myself backed away when he told me the price [like he thought I could afford it].  I am sure that he is packing it away today [Sunday].  Don’t get me wrong…I get that is it original, but he needs to be selling that on 1st Dibs.
So back to Frances. She is responsible for this chair style.

And lots of other cool stuff.

I am not really sure how this works, but I am guest posting Monday here at Room RX.  So I am posting this today, but some people will get it tomorrow.  Confusing…..figure it out.
She has quite the line up of guest bloggers while she is on vacation.  If you love black and white fabrics [who doesn’t] you need to check out fridays post.  There were some real winners on that one.  So go on with your bad selves…….

I am getting all of the Scott’s pictures organized for posting this week.  You won’t want to miss 🙂

Sha Ray out.