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ADAC and Ainsworth and Noah


Oct 9, 2011
I have been going to ADAC a lot lately, the best place to go when gathering fabric selections for upcoming jobs.  Of course there is so much more there than just fabrics.  Beautiful showrooms with ton’s of incredibly gorgeous things that I covet.

One of my favorite Showrooms is Ainsworth and Noah.  They have been there for more than 30 years with over 40,00 square feet of showroom space.  Some seriously beautiful collections from Ironies, Nancy Corzine, David Iatesta, Rose Tarlow, Summer Hill and Victoria Hagan.  Do I have your attention?????
As usual I was wandering around the other day waiting for fabrics and I took a few shots of my favorites.
These beautiful knobs from Nancy Corzine.
I know…me likey too.  She is such a classic designer.
Her colors remind me of Mrs. Howard.  Maybe a little more modern though.
Even though there is a sunburst mirror [trend] Everything else is pretty classic.  Nancy says “I believe we should always lead and never follow trends”.  There is a lot of talk in “blogland” about how “trendy” should a room be.  I think classic is always a good way to go and then lean into current direction with a few popular trends.
Timeless with the blue and white, the screen and touches of brass. Once again…of course brass is back in a big way.  My advise is not to throw out all the silver…..cause it will be back and you know it!
One more picture of Nancy’s work.  She also has a beautiful design book:
Here are a few other pictures I took while there last week.
Who does NOT love this settee…..come on…..I want to know.  How cute in a breakfast nook or foyer.
Beautiful wallpaper.
Look what I found when I googled botanical wallpaper…
You can find it here
Would look beautiful in a bathroom or one wall in a bedroom.
The fabric on the sofa is from Victoria Hagan.  She is another very talented designer. 
I LOVE her fabrics.
Even though this room was not designer by her [David Mitchell] that is her fabric on the DR chairs.  Remember when she did a collaboration with Target????  Victoria…come back please…..
On to more pretties…
Oh yeah baby…..come to mama….
You can come too…room for all!
Way too much white for me…..HEE HAW…..you know that is a load of BS!
How about this screen……
Great grouping…..
What a statement a large framed grouping of pictures is.  Easier to hang also 🙂
OK…I have more but we will save it for another time.  I see you nodding off 🙂
Before I go, I want to say one thing.  A very good friend of mine died yesterday, within 3 weeks of being diagnosed with brain cancer.  I mean…seriously that is fast.  So I want you to get up from the computer right now and go hug every single person in your house and tell them how much you love them.  NOW…do it.
Cause, you never know…..
Peace….and love.