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Am I still a blogger????


Sep 5, 2011
Holy smokes people….I forgot my responsibilities.  Uh huh…..like blogging.  Every time I get down here, it is like I have to put this whole place back together.  Can I just put this out here…..why do people think they need to re-arrange everything????  On second thought….I have done that a time or 2.  Whoops 🙂  But wait a minute…I am allowed because I know better than they do.  But so far….no one has made it look better….only worse.

Unfortunately, it has not been too much of a problem because IT HAS RAINED EVERY DAY.
Do you hear the bitterness in my voice?  I mean I would still rather be here than home……I get it, I am not trying to wine.  Maybe a little…..I actually do not mind when it isn’t sunny but when it rains sideways….that hurts.
Ok….rant is over.  The winner of the giveaway is Casey from Loft and Cottage!  You need to hop over there so you can see the cool headboard that she is showing…..it could be a great DIY!!
Oh yeah…just in case anyone is interested…here is a picture of my new project.
I got two of these and had the decorative brass birds cut off.  Think I am going to gold leaf them and add mirrors.  Wonder how LONG this is going to take me….or where they are even going to go.  Do I need to know that before I start?
This is a picture of one with the birds on it.
The tips are black, which I don’t like. 
I am trying to write this and my husband is watching a movie on DVD that he got in China.  Yes…I know it is bootleg.  But here is the deal.  It is such a bad quality…meaning that someone  filmed it in a theatre.  You can actually see the heads of people who get up to go to the bathroom.  And the sound…..it is so loud I am about to go over and grab that remote and slap him upside the head with it.  Just kidding….. 🙂  Maybe.  I can’t think right now, my ears are hurting.
Hope you guys are having a swell Labor Day…..
Think it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow.
Later taters….
Sheriky Freaky