• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021



Sep 25, 2020

Well another week in the books…..just have to get through today and it’s smooth sailing into the weekend.

We had a rainy day yesterday which is always fun when I am going in and out of my car….I just gave up trying to stay dry and decided to look wet and pathetic…..a look I can carry off pretty well:)

I am sure this isn’t news to anyone but Amber Lewis just dropped her collection for Anthropologie.  I thought I would share with the few people who are scratching their heads going…..”who?”

Amber is based in California and I feel confident to say that she pretty much invented that casual….hip…not too decorated style.

I am pretty sure she started blogging around the same time I did….and she has a huge following with a book coming out in October.

She is also known for her use of vintage rugs in a space….which always help to ground a space.

She is also known for white walls so we are connected in that way…..cause so am I.  

Here are a few pieces from her collection….

Some pretty rugs…..

Also some of her great pillows…..

Love the mirror below!

Let’s see what went on this week……

This outfit was a hit on Instagram….

I knew this maidenhair fern wouldn’t make it…I think this is a record….a little over a month.

One of my favorite fixtures from Currey was getting installed last night so I only got a picture of one of them as I had to go home and feed Cami:)

And even though she had already had her dinner….she likes to visit with me when I am having mine….hehe.

So….the soon to be ex is taking me back to mediation at the end of the month.  Yes…..you would think that all of this would be over by now but dang….

I think a year is long enough so let’s keep our fingers crossed please.

Enjoy the weekend like you are getting paid for it:)