• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

Angie’s blue doors!


Apr 29, 2011
Nicholas House is finished and I will have pictures next week.  I know you guys are probably saying…Nicholas House what again???????  I know…I know….you need some design stuff!

Remember Angie and her blue doors??? 
Here is the color of the house when she bought it.  Bad pink…..
But she had these turquoise doors and I loved them so.  Well after all it is my favorite color.
 I told her she HAD to keep the color of the doors.  And…I put it out there in blogland and everyone was happy to give her an opinion.  Most people opted for them to stay.  I was smug when I gave her that info.  My opinion was to paint the house a dark gray with white trim and the blue doors.
Here is the outcome of a little house painting!
 It is now gray with white trim and….
I am happy to show you the doors!
I love!  I want to paint my front door the same color.
I hope everyone has a great weekend….I know I can put one project to bed…..it was all worth it.  But I will tell you this…I did some serious sweating this week.  Throw away your shirt sweating.