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Dec 11, 2020

Isn’t this the season where I should be sharing gift guides?  Well…..you really can’t count on me for that because it would require planning:)

Let’s see….my plan…..wakeup and try to be positive.  That’s a start right?  I’m working on it…..

I got some news about a week ago that rocked my world.  Let’s just say this….you live with someone for 30 years and then you think WTH…..who was he….I mean was everything a lie?  I heard a quote from…..I think Maya Angelou….. that was “when people show you who they are….believe them”.  I guess I am a slow learner….or just too trusting.  

So I am trying to come to grips and will admit it has set me back a little.

Anyway….I don’t want to whine about my 
crap cause we all have something to deal with right?  I mean….pandemic?

About a month ago I posted about some final [ha who am I kidding] updates to the Madison project….[not the Christmas decor post] but I forgot a few spaces so since I’m desperate for content today…..let’s just go there so I can check the “blog post” box today:)

I searched forever to find a little chest for the closet area in the guest room….I wanted something old.

I stumbled across this one in a consignment….and bingo!

I love the fancy frame around this original art [dobwinart on Instagram] and then I found the “chippy bowl” at another consignment shop that was a perfect addition!

The little chair that was where the chest is now moved into the bathroom by the tub….to hold towels!

Another small change was having the cushions recovered on this chair to something more textural.

And of course I added a pillow:)

Let’s head over to the “barn bedroom”…..

I added the vintage andirons in the FP.

And a piece of art to this gallery wall!

And I found this lumbar pillow at Scott’s and scarfed it right up!  I knew it would be perfect.

As I always say….at least in my world….. it’s all about the layers.  And making sure there is the proper amount of patina in a room….you want to make sure it doesn’t look like a furniture showroom…..

That’s just me but after 25 years at this I think it’s a good formula 🙂

You know what a good client is?  

That I don’t have to stop and call about every little treasure I find for a room….that they trust me.  I mean isn’t that why you hire a designer?  Surely you can go out and buy the basics like furniture but I think you hire a designer to give it a unique look…..just my 2 cents:)

I hope you all have a good weekend…..I am actually headed to Madison tomorrow for the night to help decorate the tree and enjoy some Christmas festivities with my neighbors.  Anne will probably cook an amazing dinner and I will pick on Todd just enough so that he knows I still love him….haha

And…..Emily [their daughter] and I will trade sarcastic comments about life situations!

Bless my neighbors as they have been incredible since my husband left me.