• Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

So I had this thing done to my face. 

Dermaplaning.  I was a little apprehensive so I let my sister go first:)  She called me on the way home and said “you have got to do it” and I couldn’t make an appointment fast enough….haha

It’s where they take a little scalpel and scrape your face….taking off all the dead skin cells and little hairs.  Lordy my face is so smooth and shiny….I would definitely do it again.

I spent last week getting a client ready for a party which meant ordering a few things to finish up the LR and getting some art hung.  I also went over and did her flowers for the event!

Let’s start with these chairs that I had refinished and recovered in this pretty Schumacher fabric.

I am a big believer in using what you have….these belonged to the homeowners grandmother.

So much better!  And then we threw a cute little pillow on it and she all but high fived me for making her look so pretty:)

#upcycle y’all.

This chair finally arrived!  The Copper chair from Charles Stewart covered in Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon.  I actually had this gorgeous fabric sent out to Nanotex to be treated!

More Schumacher fabric on this pillow….

When I saw this Gabby mirror at the mart I knew it would be the perfect thing for over the mantel.

And I found this bench at my fav consignment store here in Atlanta called Swoox and I had it recovered.  I love the lines of it! 

Still working on collecting some art for this hallway gallery wall.

Hung this gorgeous commissioned piece from Andrea Costa.

Had some pillows made for the host and hostess chairs in the dining area off the kitchen.

And another new pillow….

A little accessorizing on the end table.  

While I was at Gabby getting the other mirror I spotted this one which was PERFECT on this dark wall!

And last….this Carrie Penley got hung in the dining room….

Just little snippets as I need to get this house finished and photographed!

OK….wedding festivities started last night!  So excited for my niece:)

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe I have gone from Stewardess [20 years] ….to fitness instructor….to designer in my lifetime….and I am not ready to give up yet….haha.