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Antique mirror


Nov 30, 2010
I am trying to think of when I first saw this done in a home or picture.  It was probably about 10 years ago and I was in LOVE!!!  Antique mirror…..I had to have me some.  Here are just a few pictures of where I have used it.  I could search the internet for a gazillion other images but I have a Christmas install today and I am madly rushing about like pigs after food.

This is from my master bathroom.  The whole wall was mirrored and I had them take it down and add about a 9″ wide border in pieces all the way around.  
I was trying to take the picture without me being in it.
It is amazing that I still love it after so many years.  I can’t say that about much [in the decorating world that is!]
This is in a foyer I did.  There were 2 closet doors and we were trying to dress it up a little.  Had the inserts made to fit right in.
I know you are wanting it now……
Here is the same foyer…a picture of the chandelier.  I think we found this at Lakewood Flea Market [tear drop falling…I still miss that place] in a box and it was so cheap.
Isn’t the finish great?  We did not do a thing to it!  WOW…how did this go from mirrors to chandeliers?  Crap…my “add” is in full swing today 🙂  Please forgive.
On another thought, Denise and I got 2 place settings done yesterday…one more to go.  Our presentation is Sat.  Think we could have started this a little earlier?  I have lots of pictures and will share after it is over.  Our theme is “using what you have” to set a table.  Lord, we tore up her house yesterday looking for things and trying to be creative.  Of course we both have quite a bit of stuff being in the  design business. I am sure people will be thinking “those girls are on crack if they think I am going to believe they didn’t buy anything”.  OK…we did buy 2 cans of spray paint.  Stand down people.
Thanks for all of the comments about the pink bedroom.  Carson loved it!  

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