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Jan 29, 2021

I think it’s safe to say that no body gets excited about going to the dentist!  And listen….whether I get a crown or an implant I WILL BE under sedation.  That is not even a question…haha.

But….I certainly loved all of the sympathy I got.

Before we get started I wanted to give you a heads up on a series I just finished watching.

Ted Lasso on Apple TV.  I laughed my ass off….well obviously not all of it because it is clearly still there.  BUT…. I promise you might laugh and cry a little.

Listen carefully because there are some one liners that are just priceless.

So…..todays topic is a strange one.  Yellow.  It is not a color you see very often.  But I am here to tell you that a 100 years ago when I was first getting in the design business…..here in the south….I can almost guarantee I would have had a yellow room painted somewhere!  [probably a kitchen]

Anyway you will find very few rooms on Pinterest that are yellow.  One of the paint companies [ I can’t remember at this minute but I’m sure you can google it!]  even picked “yellow” as their color of the year.

As I was looking for examples one of my favorite designers kept popping up….Mary Drysdale Douglas.  I can remember loving her yellow rooms many years ago.

So that is where I am going to start….

I grabbed most of these from her Instagram….


I have read that yellow is her favorite color and I can see that she uses it often….even if it is just a bowl of lemons!

I love how yellow changed the mostly white room below!

Here is a bright one for ya!

I think she is an expert with yellow….

So then I dove a little deeper…..and for most of these I could not get an original source.

I found a few kitchens that appear to be fairly recent!

I believe this is tile….which would be a little too permanent for me but I am digging the color none the less! 

The one below is more recent from Unique Kitchens and Baths  you can check them out on instagram.  They have collaborations with Lauren Liess and Alison Giese!

So I have saved this one for the end….a gorgeous kitchen below done last year from Carter Kay Interiors with photography by Emily Followill.

I love it…the perfect yellow….in my opinion.

The stone really makes it work!

Below is what Benjamin Moore has as their top yellows.  Some of these will look like neon on the walls but I remember when I used to paint walls yellow [back before cars were invented] I would use Hawthorne Yellow.

 OK….what are your thoughts….are we ready to invest in yellow again?  Can you go there?  I am still curious about this color and I really do wonder if it will make a comeback.

OK….get working on the weekend!