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At long last…the pink chairs


Aug 22, 2011
I believe I glossed over the story on how I came to acquire the pink chairs.  I will say this….there was wine involved.

After picking up my chrome chairs from the workroom, I was not happy with my fabric selection, which was a gray wool flannel.  I really wanted a color, but as usual I chickened out in a major way.

In my house, I think they looked like office chairs.  Too short, too tailored…..just too something.  Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to add a slight modern touch to my room.  BUT these bad boys were not making me tingle.
Without getting all wordy, I was talking to my friend Ally [From The Right Bank] and she told me that she had recently broken up with her modern pink chairs.  WHAT?????  I love those chairs!  Too much pink for her. Hmmmmmm…..over she comes to see mine, and we load one in her car to see how it would look in her room.  
Instant LOVE.  Some dancing, the wine comes out, the heavens opened up and a rainbow appeared.  They were pretty darn near perfect.  Which we all know to mean “I love them TODAY”.  Let’s not get crazy.
Load in both of her pink chairs [which I did find at a flea market and showed to her in the first place!].  Head to the Hart residence and BAM….Pink.  They were taller, more feminine, and brass.  Done.  Trade. An even trade at that.
So here they are in their happy new home.
Honestly when I walk in my door, I get all giddy.  
This is how they look with the stripes in the foyer.
I ordered the Betwixt pillows from this Etsy seller  They are made beautifully.  I really did not have a place to put them [that is no reason not to buy right?????] but looky here.
So…Ally is posting my chairs in her house today…..check it out…..From The Right Bank!
One more thing.  Look at this table that Gretchen O put together in 2 hours for a clients party.
Head here to read the entire post.  Don’t you love it!!!!

Let’s get this party started….I mean week.

Sherik the freak.