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Atlanta Decorative Arts Center [ADAC}


Sep 18, 2011
Here in the big “ATL” when we need beautiful fabrics we head over to ADAC.  There you can see the most beautiful fabric from Osborne and Little, Lee Jofa, Schumacher, and many other lines.  I love to go in the spring and fall because that is when they usually debut their new fabrics.

Last week, I went with fellow blogger/designer Lori May who I met while working on the Nicholas House.  It was her first time [virgin] so who better than me to show her around.  I have been going  there for 20 years and luckily  I am less than a mile away.  Don’t hate me.
As we were talking and drooling over all the pretties I suddenly remember I had my camera!  Well…well…let me just snap a few shots to share with my lovely readers.
So here we go.
You might have seen this same picture on Lori’s post.  I thought it was pretty clever for an inexpensive way to fill a wall.  White plates and a canvas painted in one color.  I am pretty sure I could nail that painting 🙂
These tall vases with these bamboo thingys in them….a good alternative to sticks.  I heard some designer say that sticks in a vase is the absolute worst thing ever.  I instantly removed all sticks.
Here is another little organic arrangement for you.  It DOES have some sticks but they are curly.  Think they would pass the test???
I really wanted that mirror to follow me home….like a puppy.  I would keep and nurture it.  I promise.
I still love me a little of industrial…especially in the form of a lamp.
I also love a big black lamp like this one.  I found one on the internet that you could paint.
It was on Bellacor
Cool chair Pe. ri. od.
Moss ball in a cool white bowl.  Can’t get more organic or simple than that.
Pretty please……I have not seen them in blue before.
Red chest and CRAZY wallpaper….I dig!
I could dig this also….
In this room with that wallpaper and the beautiful mirrored screen….
Love this vignette……The art work…the pillows.  Your shocked I like the pillows right?  All pillows should be loved….
One of my favorite chandeliers from Neirmann Weeks.
OK…I did not actually see this fabric at ADAC, but I am going to.  It was an add in a magazine, but I love it don’t you???  I just realized that I started this post about fabrics and only featured one.  
OK…way off the subject from expensive things, have you guys seen the new Diane Keaton collection for Bed Bath and Beyond????  I love it…check it out:
Sorry they are blurry…..I took these from BB&B site.
I saw it and in my opinion it is really cute.  Not cheap though so take some coupons with you!
I think she did a great job.  It is extremely well made.  Chick has taste.  I actually bought 2 pieces…you’ll see 🙂
OK…it’s Sunday.  Taught my spin class at 9.  Gotta shower and clean the house.  Do some laundry…..move accessories around for the umteenth time this weekend.  I decided to change the white slipcovers [to my flax ones] because they needed washing and I did not feel like washing them and putting them BACK on for 2 weeks and then washing them again before putting then away until spring. Did you get that?  I know it can be confusing.  Anyway…probably TMI for you but so be it.
Have a swell day.