• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

It’s no secret that Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles is my favorite magazine. 

Published since 1983….after editor Clinton Smith left for Veranda….. Elizabeth Ralls took over and she hasn’t missed a beat. 

Every month I start on the first page and when I get to the last I slam it down….thinking how the heck can they top that in the next issue.  Then of course they do.

This month was a doozy with Courtney and Randy Tilinski’s Atlanta home.  I about died.

I am going to be real quiet while you feast upon all of this perfection…

I said I would be quiet but hot damn…..

Oh mommie….after I saw this kitchen my husband had to pry the magazine out of my hands….“let go Sherry”.
I mean…the windows, the shutters…the shiplap…shut it down now!

If my office looked like this I would break out in “the carlton”.

They are the owners of Bungalow Classic .
All photography by the talented Sarah Dorio.

Then if that wasn’t enough there was this…..
Kevin and Lee Kleinhelter’s home.  The owner of Pieces.

Totally different look but just as fabulous….
Here is a shot of the kitchen

One of my favorite light fixtures from Oly Studio

Photography by Sarah Dorio.

There you have it for your pinning pleasure…..

Nothing like some good design to get your morning started right?

Sheriky freaky