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Baby G’s nursery…..again


Apr 12, 2011
This month Baby G’s nursery was featured in Atlanta Magazine.  The article was written by Lisa Mowry and cleverly titled “Pimp My Crib”!   I have not had time to post anything about it because I am too busy wining and complaining about my bad back.  So I am linking to Julie today over at her fabulous blog Milk and Honey Home where you can see the pictures.  Wasn’t that sweet of her to feature me?????

Julie’s blog was one of the first blogs I started reading and I was happy to find out she lived locally here in Atlanta.  It was ironic that one day I was talking to Lisa and she was telling me of this cute house they were scouting.  She then went on to tell me how she was a blogger also.  Well…the funny thing is that Julie was being all secretive on her blog about how busy she had been working on her home…and I just started putting it together in my mind and asked Lisa if her name was Julie!

I was so excited to email her and see if she wanted to meet for coffee!  I believe her home is set to be in the pages of BH&G in June.  How exciting for her….especially just starting out in this business.  I love her style…a mix of swedish, industrial and a little feminine softness tossed in.   Please go over to Milk and Honey Home and show her some LOVE 🙂

  Deep tissue massage today for the back and if that doesn’t work, well then I guess I will give a professional [doctor] a crack at it.

Happy Tuesday.