• Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

It’s hard to believe that the end of July is so near.  Seems like we were just getting excited about warm weather and now I am praying for snow.

Yes…I meant to write that.  And if I complain about the cold weather this winter poke me in the eyes.  It’s like “groundhog day” around here with the temperature in the high nineties.  

Everyday.  All day.

Let’s talk bathroom vanities.  I saw a really cool home not long ago and the owner has a great store on Miami Circle  [another design area in Atlanta].

This house was built in 1917 or something like that and was originally a camp for orphan girls.

The owner John Tribble is an art and antique  collector…..think he would have noticed if I had borrowed a few of these gorgeous pieces:)

My pictures are crappy but I just wanted to show what a great mix of furniture there was.

The doors were painted a black/blue with this gorgeous hardware…..

It was hard to photograph but behind this stained glass window is the front door so it is the first thing you see when you walk in.

Talk about a focal point.

Anyway back to bath vanities.  J. Tribble Collection has some awesome vanities and if you don’t see what you want then I am pretty sure John can fix that.

See for yourself.

Did I leave out any style?  Doubt it.  And if you need some awesome Hardware Line…..

They come in different finishes….and sizes…… no walking out of there thinking “I just couldn’t couldn’t find anything”.  #ohhellno.

Bathroom vanities have come a long way huh!

I am pretty sure that most designers and bloggers would point at this and sigh…..thinking I am gonna start with changing the hardware…. and  painting this bad boy…. asap.

One last thing….I saw this gorgeous wallpaper the other day…..

Could you die?

Stay cool y’all.