• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

Wasn’t all that coffee styling swell?  I can just see y’all swiping your table tops clean and getting the job done 🙂

Hey we’re here for you…haha.

Anyway….another small before and after today…well it’s not totally finished….of course not…. I mean it’s me right?

But you’ll get the idea.

Here is the before.  A very tiny powder room where the door opens right into the sink…..AND to make matters worse we had about 20″ of depth to work with so no ready made vanity 🙁

The solution is to use a barn door so the outside trim had to be reworked.

Not a problem because we were painting the whole room anyway.

The quartz vanity top which we got at a boneyard [meaning it was left over from a larger installation]

Some shiplap installed because we decided to wallpaper…..

Using this cute plaid Schumacher paper!

I can’t believe the difference it all made…so much brighter!

No mirror yet…. that happens today….but who can wait for those small details!

It really gives this whole space so much more presence don’t cha think?  I got the handles at Home Depot and the new faucet at Build.com

My client was so patient because my contractor was extremely busy but she is thrilled with the outcome and that is all that matters.

Well…..tick tock.  We are leaving tomorrow for Morocco.  Ya’ll I could not be more stressed.  I’ll be missing my Cami and packing for a week in a carryon is not going not be fun as I have a wedding outfit and a party outfit to cram in there!

Pray for me…I will be gone a week and will tell you all about it on the 8th.  I know what you are thinking….ungrateful little girl going on a vacation but y’all I am such a creature of habit….plus don’t get me started on flying……