• Tue. Jul 20th, 2021

Hello….taps on the mic…..anyone there?  I am just coming out of the fog of international travel and boy it’s so hard!

Not to complain but we all got sick the night before coming home….so traveling with a bad cold made the experience suck.  I don’t remember ever being this happy to be home…..said Dorothy as she clicked her ruby heels together.

Lord it will be a minute before I cross the pond again…..

More on my trip in the next post because I have to get it together in my head first…..:)

Before I left I had a small install….meaning a guest room “fluff”.  I have been working with these clients for 2 years doing an extensive renovation and furnishing the whole house.  When it gets down to the end….we had a guest room that just needed a small refresh…..as we kind of threw leftovers in there!

As you can see they had a good foundation….nice bed and lighting.

Changed out the coverlet to white and added new pillows and a throw.  It just looks fresher now right?

When I found the blue and white lumbar pillow I was plain giddy over it!

A pretty basket on the bottom shelf of the nightstand helps fill empty space.

Opposite the bed is this Room and Board navy sofa.  This area needed a little love also!

I love the mirror from HomeGoods as it helped to add some texture to the room!  The floor lamp was from Crate and Barrel.  I couldn’t do a coffee table as I had only about 2 feet from the end of the rug to the sofa….so that small white wood table was perfect!

Brought a little orange over to the couch.


I was lucky to find this piece of art because we all know HG’s art can be sketchy….It had a really pretty frame.

The vases were HG’s and the faux fig branch came from West Elm….

Takeaway….I put the mirror over the couch because I knew I could add color with pillows….the art over the console because I would need color there!

Takeaway…..Blue and white is always easy to find at HG’s.  I try not to make it harder by sticking to colors that are easy to find especially in a pinch.

Takeaway….I bought like 25 pillows for this job because I wasn’t sure how things would go….so glad I did because some of the ones I thought would look good….didn’t.  Come Prepared!

So there you have it!  I am recovering….colds suck and if they can put a man on the moon why is there not a cure?