• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

What a week…..Life can be so funny….if you are on Instagram then you might have read that Monday was a crappy day for me.  

I use the term crappy because if I think back and put it in perspective it probably pales in comparison to people who are suffering so much more than me.

The first thing had to do with my divorce…..and what felt like some terrorizing from my soon to be ex.  It took most of the day to iron out.  I will say it’s the first time I have ever tried deep breathing and then I remembered that petting a dog brings your blood pressure down so I grabbed Cami and just loved on her for a good 15 minutes.

You know what?  It really helped!

Anyway around 3  I called a friend to take me to pickup my car from the shop.  I had her drop me off because I knew it was ready.  I “be-bopped” in feeling so much better after handling my situation [and my love session with Cami] and threw down my CC.  He promptly said we don’t take AMX.

No problem I came prepared and took out my check book.  He again promptly said we don’t take checks.  Huh?  Well there you go.  I don’t have a Visa or Mastercard [which taught me another lesson…..like I needed more lessons that day!]

So guess what?  I had to Uber home.  Yeah.  Icing on the darn cake.

Anyway……On Tuesday I helped my friend Rose with her installation.  If you don’t know…. we help each other on install days.  It makes it so much more fun and Lord knows I needed the distraction!

I will show you the before.

We started with the bookshelves.  I would say we mostly worked with what she had.  We had gone to a flea market and picked up a few vintage items  to help warm them up.  


We started by taking everything down and grouping them into categories like books…family pictures and small items.

I will say there were some other bookshelves in another room that we pilfered a few things from.


Here is the after….What we added….some brown wood accents….that we found while at the fleamarket.

She had some blue vases and Rose had picked up a couple from HomeGoods!

Anyway they have a more curated look now.

So here is the before of the space before anything was done.

There was a sectional and Rose worked out a whole new floor-plan.  The sectional went downstairs into the finished basement!

Removing the furniture!

Laying the new rug!

 The new furniture plan!  2 sofas and 2 chairs….so warm and cozy.  Let’s discuss…all the fabric on the chairs and sofas are performance.  Since this is her only living space she wanted something a little bit more formal…..


It’s so pretty….Rose Kipper Interiors did an amazing job!

All of the upholstered furniture is Charles Stewart.  Made in America!

Rose managed to brighten up this small sitting room also.  We zhushed up the bookcases with what was left and she picked up a throw, the blue and white garden seat, and the rug!

The wall color wasn’t changed but Rose added some textured Thibaut wallpaper to warm it up….

She found some pillows and a lamp at HomeGoods!  

Also on Tuesday I received so much love from tons of people!  My good friend Cindy Hattersley featured me on her blog Rough Luxe Lifestyle!  It’s a series called Ageless style….with pictures and an interview.

If you want to know all of my style secrets….haha….head over!

After a sh*#y day the skies opened up and and I felt tremendous love from all of my social media friends.  I have only spent a little time with Cindy [at the mart once for 2 days] but she is such a kind person and has been incredibly supportive during this difficult year….checking in on me.  One day I will get to visit her and see her incredible house and all of my favorite California “blogging” friends…..

I hope you guys will be able to celebrate this Independence Day with family and friends….small gatherings only please:)