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Jul 7, 2015

Have you ever seen an image that spurs you into one of those OCD binges thinking “this might last a while?”

Well lately I have been obsessed and the only thing left to do is make a decision.  That is turning out to be the hard part.  

Here is the story.

A couple of years ago when I participated in a show house I met William Mclure and Bill Ingram.  They did this room which was right behind ours.

You can imagine how I felt during their install when I saw all of this great stuff going in.  If you guessed pack it up and go home well then bingo you win the prize.

It turned out that William and Bill were both so nice I had a hard time “hating” if you get my drift.

Back to my point…..OCD.

This has to do with William who works for Bill Ingram [sitting on the RHS] in Birmingham.  He’s cute huh?  Well it turns out he is not just another pretty face.

William just moved into a new apartment and has been documenting the design on Instagram.

He took the same furniture from his old crib….

BUT…..he made a few changes and this is where the problem starts….kapow.

He covered the cushions on his sofa.  AYKM?  Brilliant.  Yes I have seen this before and actually did it once for a client with a leather sofa but wait….here is the deal.

I have been stalling on getting a new slipcover for my sofa because MG&BW does not have a fabric that I like….and getting a whole new one is $$$ anyway.

Hello….wake up!  Stay with me people.

I am just going to recover the cushions in something different.  Cheaper and a great change right?
Here is what I found on the internet after hours of searching…..

not much!

Design Sponge
Sundance Catalog
Barclay Butera


One Kings Lane
So there you have it.  I hustled online looking for some fabrics because all of this went down over the holiday weekend.  The million dollar question is……. what look am I going for?


This one might be good for me.  I think it will go with all of my gazillion pillows…..and hopefully it is washable…..a must!  

Of course I love the blue and then the black is killing me….so this is where it starts….the indecisiveness is overwhelming.

This is gonna be hard….thanks a lot William:)

And to make matters worse….I have not even been to ADAC yet and that is where the trouble will start.  Too many choices.

So a great idea may take a while…..because someone needs to shake me hard and say:
Make a flipping decision Sherika!

Stay tuned…..I hope we don’t grow old waiting:)