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May 14, 2019

Well as promised I am going to try and give you all the details on my One Room Challenge!

I am overwhelmed¬†with the response….I think I have said this before but sometimes after I have worked on a project “I can’t really see it anymore”….but y’all have made me feel so good ūüôā

Since it is the “ONE” room challenge….I did bite off a little more but as I said before you could see the dining room and office from the living room which was my main concern.

Let’s talk about the office today.

It. Was. A. Mess.  

20 years of just cramming stuff in there.¬† That corner cabinet belonged to our Mom but it was time to let it go.¬† Those curtains were ridiculous…..

The most important thing was to clear it out and change out the seagrass….it was 20 years old and in bad shape.

That cost 815.00 
But really made a big difference.

I did not want to paint the walls because of expense.¬† They were in pretty good shape [I don’t know the color but it is similar to SW Urbane Bronze].

After we moved the corner cabinet out Rose and I found this vintage rattan etagere with glass shelves for 125.00.  It was perfect.

¬†About the only things I bought for accessorizing were some Architectural Digest found at a thrift store for .25 cents each, the buddha from HG’s and 2 baskets.¬† I had the 2 white vases, the wall basket, the box and plant.

We moved out the screen and if I had had more $$ I would have recovered it in white!  We also moved out the iron cart and replaced it with a drop leaf table we already had.

I moved the foyer lamp [from the last ORC] in here.  The white bowl was $2.00 at a thrift store.  The art and sconces were already there.  What a difference huh?

This chair, ottoman and small table were sponsored from HomePop.¬† The pillow was sponsored from SWD Studios.¬† The art was already there and I had left over rattan shades from my house…..

This lamp from Hudson Valley was sponsored also!

I really wanted to buy a new desk but it just was not in the budget.¬† In the end I think it actually works…..which is the same advise I give my clients….let’s hold off until the end and make a judgement!

So all in….. this room was a little under 1,000.00…..which with a 3,000.00 budget maybe was a little more than I needed to spend but please….scroll back up and look at the before!

We will break down the Dining Room next!