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Jul 31, 2020

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I am in Nantucket.  I felt safe on the plane….wore my mask the whole time and Delta is not selling the middle seat so there’s that.  

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my “D”.
I can’t wait to share the news when it is officially over!

As promised I have the second Bungalow that Pam did.  All three of them had their own personality….

The last one was a one bedroom and this one is a 2 bedroom.

Walking into the beautiful dark space….

I know I asked her the color but I can’t remember what she said:)

Love the open shelving in the bathroom and of course the wallpaper…..

Coming up the stairs to this amazing kitchen…

The backsplash was all organic feeling!

I believe the countertops were quartzite.

Opposite the kitchen is a seating area….

This is standing at the other side of the room….

That beautiful art work is part of Pams collection so I do not know who the artist is…

I can tell you that the rug is Loloi.

Not sure why I did not get more pictures of the second floor bedroom…..

There you have it!  There is one more for Tuesday although I am traveling home that day so let’s just see how organized I am to prepare a post early….

Flying to Boston on Delta was one thing but then we got on Cape Air Fear to the short ride to the island….

Dang hot on that sucker also!

Then we pulled up to her cute house and the amazing landscaping….
She whipped up an incredible meal on Wednesday night from the cookbook below.

I seemed like she was in the kitchen cooking for 5 hours….and I felt guilty as I might have just served her saltines with velveeta on them if she came to my house….

I mean she made organic vegan sour cream and that just about flipped me out.  From Cashews.  And it was white like sour cream….my question during the whole meal was why is it white…cashews aren’t white????

Anyway….I am so at peace here….

Have a great weekend…..