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Changes in a design plan…it happens!


Nov 19, 2010
First of all thanks for all the info about how LONG a broken toe takes to heel.  I don’t mean to keep going on and on about this but it certainly appears that I was clueless to the time it takes a fractured bone to repair.   I have never broken anything, had stitches, or been in a hospital in all my years on this earth.  I have just jinxed myself haven’t I???????  Yikes.

You guys remember this right?
Well, sometimes you have to be flexible in your design plan.  I knew when we purchased this piece at Scott’s that it could be used just about anywhere…kind of like a denim jacket.
So you know where this all started here is a picture of the foyer before any wallpaper or furniture.
I didn’t mind the yellow walls with the black and white marble floors but since it was such a small space I thought it was a great opportunity to use a fabulous paper.  This is a relatively new one from Schumacher.  
I loved the wooden piece in there but when we started the furniture arrangement in the keeping area we moved it in just to see if something like it would work.  Turns out it was just too perfect and we decided to look for something else in the foyer.
Here is where it landed.  Before we styled the den which is another whole post! Don’t say yuk….the mirror of course does not look like that now.  Oh yeah…I was hearing the “sneers”…….simmer.
Back to the replacement.  We went to a flea market I frequent Antiques and Beyond because as you know I MISSED Scott’s this month [how many times can I say that before you guys tell me to shut up already?]
We found this Thomasville piece below:
I actually found this before picture on Ebay.  The one we found was already painted white. Praise Jesus.
So hold on…..of course it is not finished yet.  We were there to do the install for the den but I hunted around the house to fancy it up a little so the client could see the potential…That Waterford pineapple lamp is actually about 30 years old and since brass is back…….
Glass tray….. fruit from the fridge!

I did buy this little gem at Homegoods for me and it was in my car……but like any good stylist nothing in arms reach is safe when you are desperate! 
Now we do need the perfect mirror and accessories…but I am liking it.  Tweaking is what it is all about right????  Stay tuned for the den reveal and the small sitting area off the foyer.  Here are a few more shots just cause….bloggers are like children…..we like pictures of pretty things 🙂
Sneak peek of the den/keeping area…
Oh yeah….got a cute little giveaway coming…..