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Dec 31, 2019

It seems like everyone else took a week off so I decided to join the pack…..:)

Did y’all have a nice Christmas…..I am trying to think of anything exciting I did since I last checked in!

Hmmmmm…..I went to the Ladisic Fine Homes party and per usual it was pretty epic!

You always have to dress WARM to this party because the back doors are all open with the bar on the covered area…..

Those doors stack all the way back….

I layered on every pearl necklace I had along with a black mock turtleneck and an OLD Banana Republic faux fur vest!

I was completely comfy and warm all night!

I had a beautiful lunch with this group of talented women.

Stacy Milburn [artist] , Andrea Costa [artist], Lauren Davenport [designer], Melisa Payne [artist], and Susan Kinsella [artist].

I am blessed to have so many supportive women in my life!

My sister had a party and these are our stockings that my Mom made for is probably 55 years old.  Mine is the blue one:)  

I’ve been friends with these girls for 20 years….[my sisters party]

On Christmas Eve day I went over to my good friend Maria’s [in the picture above on the right] house to visit with her family.  We played one of my favorite games Jenga

I left before they cut into this little gem that her niece made…..thank goodness:)

Her sister put these little yummies together and I could have eaten the whole tray!  Just ham, cream cheese and pickled Okra…..who knew.  Who is sitting around thinking up these things?  I mean okra right?

I went directly to the store for these just in case I need a snack in the middle of the night….but got the wrong ones….

HOT!  Nope.

Went to see Cirque Du Soliel Volta with my sisters….it was really good!

I started watching this show on Netflix and I am obsessed.  When people are asking me to go out at night I am thinking to myself “but wait….I want to watch TV”…..I actually stayed up until 2 am the other morning watching it.  7 seasons…..it’s funny and dramatic.  Ur welcome.

If you aren’t on Instagram I posted this on Christmas Day of my sister and I in 1964.  

Ha Ha.

So I’m not going to lie….Christmas was tough.  I did put on a happy face for people because I can’t walk around all gloomy and loser-like.  Sometimes I walk into my house and expect to see him sitting in the office…..or at the front door when I pull into the driveway.  He would let Cami out and she would run to greet me.

It’s been 4 months.  Legally it’s still dragging on which causes it to drag on mentally.  You really can’t move forward until all of that is settled. You start to doubt who you were as a wife who spent 30 years with someone. Of course there were tough times….show me a marriage that does not experience highs and lows.  

But I always thought we would grow old together. Now when I see older couples shopping or out to dinner….I feel a small stab in my heart. 

I am a worker…..whether it’s a job or a relationship I will do everything I can to be successful and keep things running smoothly.  Non confrontational…..a pleaser.….I will give in to my feelings at times because I don’t want the other person to feel bad.  Not always a good thing I know.  I have often thought….. how would it feel to have someone care that way about me….meaning…. really be concerned about my happiness [in a relationship]. 

Anyway….blah blah blah.  Me and a million other woman in America:)

So here are a few parting pictures and words….

This little muffin has been a Godsend to me.  Dirty mouth and all:)

And exercise.  Seriously it helps me feel good about myself.

I saw these words somewhere…..

And this is for everyone one of you who have commented….emailed….texted and called with words of support.  There is kindness in the world and I have witnessed it this year.

Happy New Year to all of you.


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