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Christmas install…


Dec 12, 2010
OK…all of you ‘type A and over achievers” out there…with your whole house decorated from top to bottom….you are really pissing me off!  Not one piece of greenery at my house yet, no wreath, nothing.  Hopefully this weekend I can do something.  No promises.

I have been busy though.  Here are a few pictures of my Christmas install last week.  We have been working with Jen since she moved here from Pennsylvania last year.  Helping her transition from jewel tones to soft blues, camels, cream, and taupe.  So of course her Christmas decor had to match.
This is a picture of her LR right after she had moved in.
And here is a little after from our install last year.  By the way…this is a huge room….very long so we created a small sitting area by the fireplace.    
Those are the same wing chairs.  We did find the ottoman at Homegoods and had it recovered.  OK…here it is decorated for Christmas.  Just a little garland over the mantel.

Wait…there’s more…

I thought the tree skirt would make a nice party skirt but apparently I have been eating way too many holiday cookies cause it wouldn’t fit 🙂

All the loot!

It’s so hard to photograph a tree…here are a few up close shots so you can see the color scheme.

Soft blue/greens…bronze and gold.

When we do any kind of install, we always take fresh flowers.  That is our gift so they know how much we appreciate them!

Just a white bowl and some greenery can be elegant.  Throw on a few ornaments…voila…!

The pillows…where we got our colors from.

Dining room table

Garland on the stairs.

In the kitchen a wreath from Target.

This was made from an ice bucket just putting greenery in it with a few natural ornaments from Target.

Yummy…he loves nuts!

On the kitchen table.

One more…hopefully to get the pictures up next week.  I can not remember being this tired…and so much going on.  Have some great pictures of Scott’s and a few notes on the video shoot.  I hope everyone of you out there in blogland is getting caught up with all of your shopping and decorating.  AND…the parties.  I went to one tonight and had a second…..but came home and put the sweats on….it’s just not gonna happen…..