• Sun. Jul 18th, 2021

You know how you get an email asking you to do something and you quickly reply sure….I’m up for that!

Ha Ha….that will be my demise in life I’m sure….. as seen with todays post:)

I am joining some of my favorite bloggers so that we can attempt to school you on how to style the dreaded coffee table!

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These talented peeps can certainly give you an overload of ideas……
I have 2 coffee tables in my house and what’s funny is that coffee table re-styling can scratch an itch just like buying a new tube of lipstick can…..you don’t have to break the bank doing it!

This coffee table used to be in my family room but it was always a little too large so one day I got a decorating epiphany and switched them…..it was epic.

This one is big so you can fit a lot of stuff on it and it is also rarely used so I don’t need room for my daily “junk”.

Think books, a tray, a few interesting accessories and some flowers.  That’s pretty much it!

Here is my other coffee table.  It’s smaller and I can’t fit too much on it!  A bowl of African beads and some books.

I’m going to review with you some other coffee table styling I have done.

At the beach I kept it simple…all contained in a tray so Mom’s with small children can just lift the whole thing off the table!

Books, a bowl of white rocks [who knew we could decorate with rocks…haha] some coasters and faux tulips.

The coffee table below was the size of Texas.  I started with a bowl of moss as this is a second home and it will look fresh for a while [vs. flesh flowers].  

Books….a black marble Target tray with some white cement balls…..2 vintage pewter candlesticks help to pull it together!

Another example of a small coffee table in a LR for a client….

I hate to sound repetitive….. but again…..tray, books, and a few smalls….bingo.  Oh yeah and some faux flowers.  
Now…..there is a lot of controversy about using faux but I tell my clients that if they are entertaining….put them away and get some real ones!

Here is another trick….if you have a lot of space to fill then just open the book to a pretty page.

Here is used a tray in a tray….but again this family has small children so they can still pick it up contained and move.  You can see that I like using coasters….cheap and cheerful way to add an accessory!

Are we bored yet?  Well…..hang in there with me.

Oh no….another tray…. and a bowl of moss….because this is a rarely used room in the home.

Now….yesterday while it was pouring rain on the darkest day of the year I tried re-styling my coffee tables to get a fresh image……

 Here is the one in my family room….

Of course on a daily basis there are NOT flowers on it….I mean I’m human people.

Usually the remote control is making it’s home on the books:)

And in the living room….

It’s definitely not rocket science….trays, books, and smalls….then top it off with flowers.

Of course I have to add the black and white!

The black tray was actually a wall mirror from Target about 8 years ago and it’s still going strong:) 

And there you have it! 
Now I’m giving you a head start…..




You’re armed and dangerous now….so get to work!
And definitely visit the other bloggers to confirm that I know what I am talking about…..because it could all be a hoax…..hee haw