• Sat. Jul 24th, 2021


For a girl who doesn’t use much of it in my own home….. nothing photographs better than a little color.

While I was in NYC at the show I ran into a few companies that know how to do it right.

First up is Jill Rosenwald.

Jill got her start showing her ceramics at the ACC craft market in West Springfield, Ma.  Now she has lamps, rugs and bedding in her collection.

Here are some images of her ceramics….


More awesomeness…..

Then I rounded the corner [almost on the last row of nine miles] and saw this…..

Holy DIY…..
You guys remember when I posted this picture on Instagram?

It was from an ice cream shop in Boulder, Co.

Shaboom….this is the company where you can get all of this crazy stuff!

Although my ADD takes over when there are so many selections……I love this idea with all of my heart.  It’s like candy.

I just got back into working out this week [after taking a week off while I was at the beach].  You know how it goes….you take one day then that becomes 3 and so on.

Lord I wanted to poke the instructor in her eyes until she screamed in mercy [at Orange Theory] yesterday.  My legs felt like they were cinder blocks.  

That will teach me.