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Jan 12, 2011
No design today but I do have a few things to talk about!  First of all here in Atlanta we have been snowed in for the last couple of days!  Seriously it has shut down the city!  The mall is closed….WTF?  I can remember one other time that has happened here and I was shocked.  I lived in the Washington DC area for almost 30 years and never saw that happen.

Which brings me to this….I have been walking around my house without any makeup….hair in a ponytail….or kind of one :).  I mean besides walking my dogs and eating at my neighbors house….there was no point to gussy up.  BUT…this morning I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror and gasped.  Who the hell was that as I turned around to see who else was in the room.  Um…no one ya weirdo.
The first thought that came to mind was “I am a hag”.  Now I am not saying that so you guys will get all “no you are not…your pretty”  [course I will give you 5 minutes to stop saying that!].  I am sure that has happened to some of you when you have been sick and finally taken a shower and put makeup on.  
Here is what I saw in the mirror:
OK…well maybe not quite that bad but it scared me!  I am 58 years old…there I said it.  And…many of my friends have had facelifts.  Seriously I think about it at least once or twice a month but I am so afraid that I would look like this!
Yea…scary.  Both pictures.  Halloween scary.  I am torn between growing old naturally like Audrey Hepburn, Kathryn Hepburn, Diane Keaton, my Mom…..or maybe just getting a little “tweak”!  Seriously, getting old is not one of those things you can stop.  Take it from me.  And another thing…I feel so young…not just physically but mentally.  The last thing I ever want to be is a crabby old person who is judgmental and thinks young people are silly.  But if I am, I want to look good.

So I will just keep wrestling with it.  Nuff said.  On to another topic.

The Stylish Blogger award.  I must have done something right.  Two other great bloggers sent me the award.  I am not bragging….but the worst thing would be to ignore it!  Which I would never do.

Maureen from Electric Revisted  She has a beautiful blog with gorgeous pictures so  if you have a moment, please check it out.

Cindy from Home Design Love She lives in Austin and I love how other bloggers [other than the southeast] post pictures I have not seen before.
Please visit both Maureen and Cindy.

Honestly, I can remember seeing The Stylish Blogger award flying around when I first started blogging and had like 20 followers.  I secretly hoped to receive one day 🙂  To have 3 people send it to me one one week…I am totally humbled.

When I was awarded it before I really tried to send it to bloggers that had maybe just started.  Even though it should not be a popularity contest……I know how much fun it is when you start getting followers and every little bit of acknowledgment helps.

So…7 more brief things about me:

1. I love a good hamburger with french fries.  Yum.
2. I was born in San Antonio, Texas at Lackland Air Force Base

3.  My Mom and Dad knew each other 2 weeks before getting hitched.  I was born 9 months later 🙂  They were married 45 years until my Dad died.

4.  I was a horrible student.  Seriously all the report cards from 1st grade until 6th [when they used to write on them] say things like “Sherry would be a good student if she would come down to earth” or “Sherry needs to get her head out of the clouds”.  “Sherry needs to stay focused”….I was always a dreamer.  Still am.

 6. My nicknames are:  Sherika, Sheriky, Sherik the Freak, Freaky, and Sha Ray.  Crazy huh?

7.  I wish I’d had children.  I have a stepson and daughter.  I really really love them and feel blessed to have them in my life.

So now I am going to just send this to some other bloggers who have always been so kind to me with advice and comments.  You may already know them.  They may have already participated.  No worries.

Emily Emily A Clark
Ally  From The Right Bank
Mande Smith T Interior Design Musings
L Duncan  Home To Three Duncan Boys
Kim Savvy Southern Style
Deserae Peeking Through The Sunflowers
Dayka Life and Style
Michelle A Notting Hill  Who by the way ran some pictures of my work on her blog a while back.

I actually just met Dayka through her love of Scott’s.  Another friend who I adore is Julie from Milk and Honey Home  Good things are happening for her this year 🙂  I saw that she had just participated though. AND…Abby from A Delightful Design  She helped me with my header picture and some other blogging tips in the beginning.  Also a recent participator.

So there you have it.  More juicy tidbits about me.  I don’t think I have any secrets left.

Hope your week is going well!

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