• Wed. Oct 13th, 2021

Aren’t I lucky to have all these blogger friends who occasionally  trust me to put out a specific  post!  

Cause y’all know lately around here it’s been slim pickings other than pictures of half built homes…..:)

I think I have pulled it off….. although not my best work you might get a tip or 2.

These girls don’t play…..they are serious about their brand and I’m over here like “brand”…..what’s that?  I hate my brain sometimes…..even at 68 I am trying to train it to be more efficient…I will let you know how that is coming along:)

Here are my weak tips and then when you want the real meat of console styling I will give you the links to Mary Ann, Cindy, Annie, Melanine and Ana.
This is the best picture I have of my entry console as it was taken by a photographer for a local magazine Atlanta Home years ago.  I had only hung this gallery wall a couple of weeks before this was taken!

By the way it took me years to collect all this art….

This is a picture I took right before I dismantled the whole thing:)  I am just like all of you…..there was way too much stuff on this sucker!  I had just been adding objects like it was my job not paying attention to what a hot mess it had become….ugh.

Let’s start from the beginning….I have had this console for 20 years….

You can see it hides that old vent nicely!

But….It is just too leggy and I have had it covered for ages…..

Here is proof….

Leg city!

Plus…..without the cover there is still that issue of the old grate showing and that bugs me!

So let’s put it back on…..but change it up without putting the piece of old linen on it….

Taking out all the white books and just going for black accessories…..

Doesn’t feel right…..but hey styling takes time….it’s like shopping at TJ Maxx.  Hit and miss right?

I have had those magnolia leaves drying in the black vase for a while now…..I love the dark spice color the leaves turn underneath.

So let’s change up a few things……I mean I don’t hate this but it’s looking a little lazy to me.  You know all black…..

I added a little bling cause a girl needs something “shiney” in her life right!

And…..put the concrete sewer balls back on there.  Hey…..nothing says design like “sewer balls”….hahaha

Adding a little height with my gold statues…..

It’s not my best work I know and I had a few other ideas I was going to try out but yesterday turned into such a “shitshow” [more about that later]

that I had to give up that dream of presenting you with the “muther” of all consoles!

One little change…..I was walking Cami and saw this magnolia branch on the ground so I grabbed it!

You have to be aware of your surroundings right….haha!

And there you have it….so take your time….let it marinate.  I started this on Monday morning but I was tweaking it during the day.  Taking stuff away and adding other things.

I am going to just let those magnolia leaves dry out….

Should have pulled that chair forward….here is a tip….let your furniture breath.  Don’t pack it too tight against other furniture or walls.

My little $9.00 frame:)

I’ll tell you what….this will be part one and I will try to give you a few more looks.  

You can use anything to make a console table….case in point here is our old family dining table that my sister has….I styled it up for the One Room Challenge last year!

And below….here is my same console table with a flax covered top….totally different look! 

Below is a console table in my bedroom….

And another One Room Challenge console I did for my other sister.  This one is pretty simple with just lighting and a large basket.

I should stop now before it is 2021….although I think we would all welcome fast forward to better times!

OK….do not forget to go see what my more professional friends did….I have full confidence they will knock it out of the park!

You can let me know your thoughts…..I can take it!

Today is a new day and I have the ability to make it a better day than yesterday so I am going to move forward with much determination.