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Could you do this????


Jun 10, 2011
I’ll explain what the title means at the end, but first a few other things.  Last night I went to Room and Board here in Atlanta to hear the funny and oh so talented Annette Joseph speak.   So much fun meeting up with some girlfriends [Lisa, Julie, Anisa] and meeting a few new ones also.  AND they had Cami Cakes my fav.  Their red velvet cupcakes are SO good!

CIMG0814.JPG.jpgI took a bad picture so I used hers.
She is hilarious and if styling jobs dry up then she could always go into standup!  By the way….Annette is so photogenic.  I say that because I am not!  Seriously, when people meet me who have only seen pictures of me they always remark how much better I look in person!  So I am glad I am not an actress because if paparazzi were stalking me they would have a heyday and there would be a gazillion really bad pictures of me.  Lucky me, I am not a star.  And there are enough crappy pictures of me as it is 🙂
So to explain the title, I am off to Scott’s as soon as I finish this post.  Yes, I could stay home and start organizing my house because here are a few shots of what it looks like after the furniture was moved back in.
It is a mess…..
Stuff everywhere that is not even unpacked yet.
I admit I am NOT a type A personality…may a B+ or something because most people could not leave this mess to go to a flea market!  Could you?????
One last thing before I go.  Here is my foyer.
Yes…..I am repainting the stripes.  More on that later.  When my husband saw me doing this his reaction was something I have never experienced.   He looked at me and made a noise similar to the sound of cats mating in the middle of the night.  You have all heard that sound….a very low guttural noise that gets louder.  And somewhere in that sound I heard “Nooooooooooo”.  It went on for what seemed like an hour.  “What are you doing?”  “Why are you changing it?”  “When will it stop”.  Arms flinging all around.  Huffing and puffing.  Spit flying.
Yes, I pushed him right over the edge.  I think it was living in the bedroom for 3 weeks, the white floors……I don’t know but he about flipped out.  I just stood there waiting for it to be over and then said “Will you help me tape?”
I can be cruel like that…..and went about my business while he had the meltdown of the decade.  Whew…I am glad I didn’t get out a sledge hammer or a really big tool, because I might be sitting beside a hospital bed watching him recover or maybe I WOULD be in the hospital with injuries!
Men…they get upset over the silliest things.  They need to stick to war and world peace….not stripes.
Have a smashing weekend.

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