• Tue. Jul 20th, 2021

If you are on Instagram then you know I had a busy weekend…..DK Gallery in Marietta, Georgia had an art opening where 20 or so designers picked a piece of art and then curated a small vignette to co-ordinate with our selection.

Of course I said yes 2 months ago and then I had to be prodded to actually go pick out my selection and after everyone promptly put their vignettes together….. I was knocking on the door at 4:00 with my table and flowers…..sliding in just under the opening at 5:00 pm.


I picked a piece that was titled “Last Day Of Summer”….by Laura Surace

So I went down into my “collection room” commonly known as the basement and dug out this old table.

Grabbed a tray and threw some wallpaper and fabric together!  Of course these are my colors and now you can see the method behind my choice of art:)

Flew into Trader Joes for some greenery and there you go.  Old Target vase also from the “collection room” 🙂

Then of course I had to dress to match everything and I wore this Target number….which I can’t find online anymore.  I actually got it on the sale rack for 22.00.  Score.

They were actually pretty comfortable but after 5 hours NO SHOE IS COMFY…..am I right?

It was a fun night to catch up with friends Lori May and Lisa Mowry below

Lori’s selection

I also wore it last Thursday night with flats….. please excuse the sour look on my face…haha
And if you look closely you can see that I have to keep my LR sofa covered up so Cami doesn’t lay there 24/7.


While I was there networking I get this text from my husband.

He wanted to show me the empty dog food container.  


Meaning I should stop for dog food on my way home [25 minutes away]  after working all day.  Uh Huh….at 8:45 pm I had to go to Pet Smart…..

Yet…..he is retired and is less than a mile from PS.

Can you see where I’m going with this?


But who could resist this face….

I found this beautiful vase at HomeGoods….and threw in 9.00 worth of white gladiolus for impact!

Alrighty then….it’s wedding week and of course I have a cold.  

Not happy about it.