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December giveaway


Dec 2, 2010
Since I am on a pink roll I decided to make my giveaway all about pink also!  

Here is the scoop….1/2 yard of Imperial Trellis in green.  I actually washed it because it wanted a more casual look so this is what was leftover from my pillows.  1 yard of this floral fabric.  It has a dark gray background.  The hand towel that came with the wrong monogram on it: K. and a picture.
here are a few more shots of the goods!
This hand towel is made out of vintage linen.
The picture has a vintage look.
One more closeup!
So…this could be the start of a nursery but of course your babies name has to begin with a K!
All you have to do is become a follower and leave a comment about how you will sell your soul for this little grouping!  Picking a winner December the 8th.
On another note here are a few sneak shots of our table settings…
This is the Christmas table.  Colors are teal and plum.  We sprayed those walnuts gold!
This is the New Years eve table.  It has a Ralph Lauren feel……
We did these two at Denise’s house and the next two at my house.  I’m over it already!

This is Sunday Supper with an American feel…it is a buffet.
The last one is a Brunch with a vintage feel to it.
So…there you have it.  Hopefully we will get pictures of the tables, since these are the prototypes and had no flowers yet.  The whole theme is to use what you have and we only bought a few items like spray paint and some votives.
Have a fabulous day!