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Design Board….


Feb 28, 2011

I got this email from World Market about all the cool new things they had in stock now.  I was really impressed and thought I was going to do a board with JUST World Market merchandise…..but I got carried away….and threw in the Pigeon Basket coffee table so there goes that plan.

I am kind of over that coffee table….but then in another way I love it.  It is so easy to move out of the way [with those big wheels] .  My sofa is a sleeper and when my brother comes into town with his 3 kids…well….we have to use it.

And don’t think I don’t know that maybe wheels have peaked [I read design magazines also] but I have to say they are functional sometimes.  So back to the design board, World market and what I came up with.

I actually started with the rug.  That is usually where I do start first because a rug is a great inspiration point.  It kind of defines the style of the room.  From there I picked the wall color [BM] Metropolitan.  It was on their website as one of their 5 favorite grays.  I could not look at the color as I lent out my paint decks for the weekend.  Looks good though!

From there I just started building a room like I am doing an installation.  Big furniture first…sofa, chairs and case-goods.  After that we go to pictures or anything hanging on a wall.  Establish where you might need height in the room.  Lighting, pillows….THEN the accessories.  Those are always last.  That is when you start building your vignettes.  You will have a much better understanding of where you need to layer warmth and color…all those things that make the room appealing.

Think about the simple black dress…..you don’t put the pearls on before the dress.

My biggest punch of color came in the window treatments.  Hopefully my imaginary room does not have a jillion windows because I might have to rethink that plan.  Also the rug is only a 6 by 9 but it could be layered over a larger sisal.

Anyway…this is just for grins and how I would style the room.  Remember…design is like art…very subjective.

I will let you know if I found anything while I was thrifting this weekend later……

* can not figure out how to make this picture bigger so get out your magnifying glass.

Berkley Floor Lamp – Ballard Designs
$239 – ballarddesigns.com

Silver Garden Stool
$195 – instyle-decor.com

Medium Moss Olive Jar
$159 – crateandbarrel.com

Classic Natural Steel End Tables
$160 – roomandboard.com

DwellStudio Modern Pillows Chinoiserie Vellum
$112 – pillowsandthrows.com

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