• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

I hope y’all had a great weekend….mine was low key.  Doing a little work and hanging with my bestie…..Cami:)

I have spent so much time with her lately that she is indigent when I leave the house….haha.

Monday came at me like a tsunami….and I am not gonna lie….I had a few “how much more can I take” moments. I’m tired of “life lessons”…..at my age can we just do away that part?

So I promised I would give you a glimpse of my design thoughts for this renovation that I posted about on Friday…..

First of all with 3 boys….everything has to be performance fabric…..

The Lee Industries iron chairs with be in the light color below….with pillows from the Schumacher
texture.  I am in love with this fabric right now….

The sofa and chair fabric will be very durable….and also 2 leather stools.  I want her to be able to get through their younger years without having to worry too much.  That being said….performance does not mean it won’t have to be maintained.  Always get any stains out as soon as possible!

All of the walls in the house are painted BM China White….lately my fav white!

I am loving that it is still safe to use neutrals in a family room….which normally I would have done darker colors and save the lighter ones for a living room…..

The kitchen fabrics are below….leather barstools [it’s actually more gray] with the Mark Alexander plaid on the back of them.  The kitchen cabinets are painted SW Mindful Gray.

I am still researching a few pieces…..so if you don’t think we put thought into these plans….think again.  I can overthink like it’s my job…..oh wait haha….it is!

Today I am helping my friend Rose with an install….stay tune for some instastories….

I almost forgot….I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix this weekend and spent a little time with a kleenex wiping my eyes…..some of the stories are so touching.  There is no doubt that it is life changing for these people.  And the “fab 5” are very entertaining!

Thanks for reading…..listening and hanging with me.  I never want this blog to be a big complain festival but I do want to be vulnerable and share that occasionally my life is a s#*t show.