• Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Before we get to design I have some tech news to share with you….I learned something yesterday!  If you remember my rampage that ever since I upgraded my Mac it has been running like poop.  I blame it on the “cloud” and it looks like I was kinda right.

I had about 6 GB of storage left on my computer.  It was full of pictures…..in fact so full that the cloud couldn’t download which is why I was so frustrated!  Where are my pictures could be heard on a regular basis around here!

I kept deleting to make space and the cloud kept bringing them back…..grrrrrrr.  So my friend Tina helped me and we took every every picture up to the cloud.  Yep…scary as that sounds it enabled me to go from 6 GB to 82 GB of available storage.  And….. I found images I had been looking for:)  Plus I can download them when ever I need!  Winning.

So there is your PSA for the day!

As promised here are the last of the details from my ORC.

 All of the furniture is Lee Industries.  The chair style is C-1211-01.  The fabric Is Petry Sand grade I.  They are swivel/glider and slipcovered.

 The Sofa style is 3063-32.  The fabric is Pinafore Black grade I.  Top Stitching, with a cloud nine cushion.  Black Walnut on the legs.

The other question a few of you asked was about the fabric for the wing chair slipcover.  I don’t know the name and I bought what was left on the bolt…..sorry:(   Remember people I was in a hurry!

I think I gave you most of the information for the foyer.  I got the gold frame at Michaels. I knew the minute I decided on the wallpaper I wanted one of Jana’s brushstroke lamps.  Between all of the traditional vibes in this space I needed something to help change the direction a little!

I could have gone with the blue one….

or the black one….

They both would have worked but in my opinion a little more predictable.

The antique mirror was something I purchased at Scott’s probably 15 years ago.  It is hand carved wood and adds my favorite element to a space…..patina.

And the design books give the space it’s color which was so needed!

I couldn’t be happier with this flush mount light fixture from Crystorama…..it really gave the space a little bling:)

Let’s discuss this situation a little…..the “woofer and tweeter” from another era….with the doors always open because of outdated equipment.

With the help of my audio guy we now have this cleaned up version….

You know that I painted the bookcases to help the TV blend in!

And last…..I picked up this little number from HomeGoods a few days ago….

A perfect addition to the space.  

 There you have it…..nothing left to say. It’s over….like Christmas and all of the presents are opened.  #sad