• Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

A couple of weeks ago when I was scurrying to get fabrics together for this deadline [which is 6 days away] I ran into Lewis and Sheron Textiles.  Of course this is the honey pot for me because I am a textile junkie times a million bazillion!

I guess it is the endless possibilities of so many colors and patterns……

 I got busy snapping a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:)

Blue is still going strong…..

I have always loved blue and green together….

I couldn’t find the source of this one
Gideon Mendelson
It has that classic New England feel……

 Coral and gray’s

As shown here with this fun room by Lynn Morgan….
What about yellow and gray?

It was hard fining a yellow and gray room that I liked….but this space by Christina Murphy won!

In other news….. I was wracking my brain looking for art in this laundry room when my client said “what about these”?  


And here is my sweet Cami looking out the window watching Daddy leave.  I think I need to get a different collar for her…..that red just doesn’t match:)

Hopefully I will be ready for the Cathedral Tour on Sunday…..my brain is tired just thinking about the styling and editing part.