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Jun 14, 2011
OK…the other day when I chucked all responsibilities and went to Scott’s I saw an artist I had seen many times.  This time I stopped to talk to her so I could express how much I love her work.  You can usually find her in the South building and she is always painting away.  

I found out that she lives in Florida, and comes up to do Scott’s every month.  Here are a few images of her stunning work.
This is one of my favorites.  I love how simple it is, of course these ARE my favorite colors…..
How beautiful is this.  It would be great for a little girls room….
Similar to the first one.
Are you loving this as much as I am?
Love the frame on this one.
The greens and blues.  This would be beautiful with a deep dark green velvet sofa and pale, pale ice blue walls.
Put this in a bookshelf to add some pizazz.
Love the dress series.  How great in a dressing room.
Here is Cheryl painting a wedding dress….wouldn’t that be a great gift to someone?
She started this one a few minutes before we began talking…….So she can paint and concentrate on a conversation……genius.  I think I am getting to the point where I am not so good at multi-tasking anymore.  I feel like a loser 🙁
If you are interested in pricing or something custom she can be reached at 404 966 6234.  www.cherylconnellyart.com
Call her!!!
Stay tune for some great pictures.   I also met another blogger Gretchen Opgenorth  She was recently on Nate’s series House Proud!  It was her first time at the market.  You need to check out her blog if you haven’t already.
My unpacking is coming along.  Slowly.  Cause I can’t make decisions.
Hope your week is going great!