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Jan 14, 2011
Today my home is being featured over at 6th Street Design School.  And…. if I could figure it out, I would have her header here instead of this crappy little link.  I am so honored that Kirsten chose to feature it in her Friday Feature.  Since most of you who read my blog have already seen my home, [I know…yawn] please check out her wonderful blog!  It is beautiful.

And a couple of days ago Christi featured Baby Gassers nursery on her blog Charm Home.  Christi is a designer here in Atlanta and her work is awesome!!!  You need to go over there…for real.

Most people are still snowed in here in Atlanta.  For real…no school or mail for a week.  I managed to get to the Americas Mart yesterday [thanks to Marta] and took lots of wonderful pictures.  Hopefully I can get them downloaded this weekend and prepare a proper blog post 🙂
Take care and stay warm [unless you live in a wonderful resort area!]
Oh yeah…by the way…thanks for all of the sweet comments about the facelift thingy.  I am sure there is something in between the “hag” and Joan Van Ark…….But for now I will just be grateful I have a face 🙂

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