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Finally Scott’s


Oct 15, 2011
Sometimes you sit down to blog and you just stare at the screen…it isn’t that I can’t think of what to blog about….I just can’t seem to put it together in my head.  Literally I will do anything but start typing…even go so far as clean and organize the small top drawer of my desk, or stare at the walls wondering what color I should paint them…which gets me away from the desk and into a pile of fabrics….which gets me putting designs plans together….I know you get the picture.

  I have come to the conclusion that I am just way too right brain…..seriously I am such a day dreamer.  Every report card form the first grade on [this is back when the teacher would write a little note on every students card…yeah…back before cars, plumbing…..]  says a version of this  “Sherry is a darling girl [maybe I just added that part] but she needs to come down to earth”.  Or… “Sherry has pretty hair [maybe I added that also] but her mind is in the clouds”.  I have the hardest time just getting started with things….but after I am into it….my grip on the project is something even “superman” can not pull away.  I would like a little less of both please?????
So obviously I have started this post about the goods at Scott’s.  Good deal…I managed to overcome my disability.  Today. Check.
I had an email from a reader last month wondering if while at Scott’s I ever saw any  vintage or antique pillows, well mainly the textile part….so in keeping with my OCD…..I took a gazillion pictures of some……..I am all about pleasing.
Let’s get started here.
Looks like part of an old tapestry on some yummy velvet.
Needlepoint.  When I first started in design….needlepoint pillows were HUGE.  Everybody had them…everybody wanted them.
This looks like it might have been a dining room seat cushion.  Now that floral is back in…we might see these get popular again.
Another way to use some old crewel  if you don’t have enough for a whole pillow.
This was definitely some old textiles and it seemed like it might have been a rug remnant.
Another piece of old needlepoint.
Really love the colors in this one.
Here is a whole wall of vintage tapestries.  I can tell you that this stuff is NOT cheap.  It would look cool framed.
What cha think….you like?
Holy mackerel….this is some real pretty trim.
Once I started looking…it seems like they were everywhere.
I like that they added that color with the trim.
Kind of like how they made the sofa cushion like a mattress…seeing a lot of that lately.
OK…last one….come on now…every pillow can not be chevron…..or La Fiorentina….
I saw these Intaglios and it made me think of this post from Mandi T….at Interior Design Musings.  Check it out cause she ordered these “plaster cameos” from Ebay and made some.  They looked really good.
Here are some from Sudi, my workroom.  404 846 0058 or 404 495 9811
Um…hello Michael Devine….well not him but his fabric 🙂
We like red right???
Don’t you love the one on the right with the velvet trim???
Love these….
What about this nice little trio of yumminess….
I love the second one from the right…Romo….they have some great fabrics.
This is still Sudi so if you are interested in any of them…call her…
I have always loved this fabric from Lee Jofa.
I love how she puts them together….the old with the more modern patterns.
Nice neutrals.
Who doesn’t love this Barbara Barry pattern….
Would be so nice anywhere.  Get some.
Ok… you might be tired of looking at pillows.  I realize that everyone has
 their breaking point where they say “ENOUGH”…..
More Scott’s but I thought I would get the pillows out of the way first.  Hey…Oprah is in town this weekend….I am sure she is probably staying at the St Regis, or the Ritz, or The Four Seasons……her chef, remember Art Smith?  Well he has just opened a restaurant in Buckhead.  Maybe she will go visit him…..should I stalk it????  Actually Nate is in town as well….wonder where he will be hanging out.
Sha Stalker…..
Saturday is for fun.