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Finally the beach…..and the floors are white!


May 28, 2011
I haven’t seen them but my sister looked in and said “It’s white in there!”…….I said “really white?”  and she said “yes”.   Well…what does she know….she owns a restaurant.   Besides, there is no furniture, pictures or anything so I am sure it is blinding 🙂

Before I left Atlanta, I went to Restoration hardware to look for cabinet pulls.  I went to Home Depot first thinking that I could find some really cheap ones that I would like.  No such luck.  I REALLY tried.  Then I went into RH and knew I was in trouble.  I saw these….
Oh yeah…come to mama…..glass in the middle.  I was fixated on them like a teenage boy looking at a Sears catalog in the 50’s.  They did not even have one for me to take home and stare at.  I broke down and ordered them…..we’ll see.
I will not even be home until the 4th.  To see the white floors.  
I ran across some pictures of Atlanta designers Carter Kay and Nancy Hooff the other day and thought you guys might like to see some of their work.  I remember hearing Carter’s name years ago when I first started in the business.  I always loved her work, but the two of them together have really done some stunning design.
This kitchen is going into my files for sure.
Holy crapness…..this has me totally in love.
More pretty….
I remember this vignette being in one of my favorites on the kitchen post I just did.
Looovvvveeee this room.
So much beauty…texture, neutrals.
I love how the window treatments are hung and the gold chair with the gray and spice color.
I know I have used this picture before with the modern lamp and the starburst mirror.
What doesn’t work here????  A big fat nothing….
The opening of the door matches the top of the mirror.
I would love to recreate this in some way.
Hello gorgeous….the curtains just make me happy.
Yep…just plain pretty.
This is the kind of design that is timeless in my book.  Very well edited and not staged.  
Hope you guys all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  I hate to complain but it is dang hot here at the beach.  Everyone is down in the sun and I just couldn’t take it right now.  I ran 4 miles in the heat this morning and it about killed me.  So I am relaxing in the AC with my poochies.

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