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Aug 3, 2011
When they published my home in BH&G they had a page on how to get my look.  Yeah…good luck with that….it’s my “look” people…so get yer own.  Hee Haw!

Just kidding.  I probably got my look from somebody else…..One of the pillows they featured was from Bliss Living Home.  Well today I have a dandy giveaway for you guys from them and I even added a few things to sweeten the pot. Starting to like me again after that “snarky” comment earlier?????
They sent me 2 great pillows.  How nice was that?????



So I decided to put a few things together to sweeten the pot as they say 🙂

So…you get 2 yards of a gray linen Ikat fabric, 2 white bird bookends, and  the cutest face ever.

Now you could always go to Bliss Living Home and add a few things on your own to complete this room like:

Like some white candlesticks.  Or

A blast of yellow would give you some awesomeness…….

To be able to call all of this stuff your own make your bed today [and yes put ALL the pillows on too] and…..follow Design Indulgence.  If you really want to make my sponsor  happy you can like them on Facebook.  Seriously though check out their site because they have all kinds of cool stuff that you NEED for your home.

One more thing….watch for a guest post featuring these fabrics I am using for a bedroom.  I’ll let you know…….

Here is hoping you take a hold of Wednesday and show it who is  the BOSS!!!
Come on!