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Giveaway….and one year of blogging!


Feb 17, 2011
Well….it is official.  I have been blogging for a year now.  Can I hear a Whoop Whoop!  I am still on the fence about the whole thing.  Don’t get me wrong…I love blogging but I have noticed that less things get done around here.  I am not running that vacuum quite as often [remember those 2 big dogs I have]…. I have had to wash a few loads of clothes AGAIN after I left them sitting in the washer for 2 days.  Phew.

I just have to find some balance with it.  Maybe start setting a timer when I sit down at the computer.  But then I ask myself would I get up when it goes off?  Cause I am great at talking myself into sticking with something past the timer 🙂
We will talk more later…lets get to the goods.  Here is the giveaway package.  Sounds good huh?????
Lets break it down shall we…
6 metal place cards and black and white chalk. 
Cute kitchen towels [I am always throwing mine out cause I hate when they get stains on them!]
12 really cool prints from a calendar.
I love KOBO candles…and you will love this one.
2 boxes of matches.
a tray…are you sensing a color sceme? 
A set of flash cards.
The holders.
One more shot…but wait there is one more thing!
Yep…this cool book.
What do you think….you want?  My one year celebration package.  Not too shabby.  Now last month I asked you to do a simple little thing like shave your head.  No takers on that one.  This month you can become a follower or not pluck [or wax] your eyebrows for 6 months.  For me that would be really hard…you can still pluck that one chin hair that is always hanging around.  Don’t scoff…you know you have one.
OK enough about free stuff.
Not to let Angie out do me, I have been doing a little searching myself for some good bargains.  I have learned that I need to get out of my zip code.  I think there are a lot of designers around here because I can’t find anything!
So I went about 30 minute away and bingo.
I found 3 mid century dressers for about $75 each.
Cool huh?
I love all three but if I was to buy one that would just open a whole can of worms around here.  I am partial to this last one. 
Then the other day I saw a pair of these chairs for $200.00.  Pretty cool also….
 So there Angie….HA!  Take that hula hoop……
Now back to my one year of blogging.  I know it sounded like I was complaining but really I’m not.  I think I was like that before I started this gig 🙂
I am amazed that I have met so many people…amazed that you guys get my humor….and just all around tickled pink to be on this journey.  I was sad when I read PK from Room Remix was quitting.  I loved her blog and it just seemed to come out of nowhere.  Maybe that is how it happens, one day you are just done.  Kind of like when I decided to stop shopping at Wet Seal.  Last year I said to myself….it’s time Sherry….just not age appropriate any more.  Put the tube tops and the shinny leggings down and just walk out.  Don’t look back…..sniff.
Have a great day!