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Giveaway winner!


Mar 30, 2011
OK I when to Random.org and the winner of the fabric, soap dish and the egg prints is Lou Cinda from Tattered Hydrangeas! ¬†I know what you are thinking because if you remember…she came up to go to Scott’s with me but I promise I was fair ūüôā ¬†I have to tell you that she is SO dang funny and I wish she lived closer….so I could hang out with her.

Just a few thoughts today on wallpaper.  About 5 years ago I wallpapered my guest bath with this paper.
It is Cole and Sons and I know you have seen it everywhere. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I do love it but I am ready for a change. ¬†I think 5 years is pretty good to keep something. ¬†And besides…I was really happy with it until I started reading blogs and saw it everywhere!!!! ¬†Thanks fellow bloggers….I thought I was the only ONE with this paper.

So…I have been looking at some new selections. ¬†Then I saw this on Live Like You¬†and just could not stop staring. ¬†I love Jill’s house and this was brilliant.

I had to run get a sample cause I really love it.

And it comes in a few other color ways…

Like this gray and cream.
I am pretty sure that the black and white is it but here are a few more that I saw and liked.

But…then again…..these 2 from Schumacher are good.

I like this one….and

this one. ¬†So now… a decision. ¬†And before I started blogging I would ¬†make it and be done with it. ¬†Now I am crippled…frozen unable to make a decision. ¬†It is like I am in the fetal position in the corner sucking my thumb speaking in tongue.

Here is another picture of Jill’s hallway

The gold mirror….the blue walls. ¬†Of course I do not have a mirror like that or blue walls…..but I can wing it.

Day 5 of no sun here in Atlanta. ¬†Yes…you read that right. ¬†Never made it to the beach. ¬†The back was just too bad to sit in a car for 5 hours. ¬†I was trying to move my dog’s 75lb butt out of my place in bed and really threw it out. ¬†Sissy. ¬†Gonna shoot for ¬†April 9th or 10th.