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Guest posting


Sep 7, 2011
Hola people……today I am guest posting over at Cottage and Vine…..

It is supposed to be a post about my favorite room….which always happens to be the room I just changed.
But it really is one of my favorites.
So head over and read about it here
And while you are at it….take a look around.  Rene has an amazing blog and she cranks out those post on a regular basis.  She has a great eye for style and of course I am partial to her “cottage” look [and I am not talking ruffled curtains either] which is clean and very stylish!

Blogger has just gotten on my bad side because it will not let me post any pictures.  You do not want to mess with me after only a sip of my coffee…….wait until your father comes home and he is going to open up a can of whoop ass on you…….

Sha Mad